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GPS Tracking

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Get a clear picture of your team's whereabouts as they move from job to job. Efficiently route the day’s work, send "On My Way" text messages based on current traffic conditions, assign incoming jobs to the closest team member on the map, and know their whereabouts as they’re on the move.

Quick-install, Weatherproof Tracker

Thanks to our unique partnership with ABAX, we're able to offer vehicle trackers that take just 10 minutes to install, meaning you can save money on installation costs and add your tracker at a convenient time for you and your drivers. Our ABAX vehicle tracking units are compact, robust, water-resistant and comply with IP67. As such, we're pleased to offer a lifetime warranty - if it does ever break, we will replace it free of charge.

Real-time Tracking

Have total control with real-time ​vehicle tracking​. This innovative service means you can assign drivers new jobs and activities based on their current location and monitor where they are at any time - whether they are stationary and parked or driving.

Fleet Tracking

Fleet tracking allows you to monitor your fleet and see where it can be best utilised. You can be more efficient on a day to day basis and keep a closer eye on where your drivers are throughout their time at work. You can choose the most fuel-efficient routes and ensure your fleet follows these and also track where your fleet has travelled while out on the road.

'On My Way' SMS Messaging

Give your customers a heads up and let them know how long you'll be. Based on real-time traffic conditions, Servu enables you to offer a best-in-class service with fully automated customer communications.

A Solution For Pool Vehicle Fleets

Our ABAX Driver ID integration is a perfect add-on for companies that operate vehicles that are shared by multiple drivers. By identifying who is driving which vehicle, gain comprehensive control, accountability and compliance that you need to manage your vehicle fleet effectively.

When a driver switches to a new vehicle, they simply tap their ID card on our in-vehicle RFID reader. All driver and vehicle data is then conveniently logged and organised, allowing instant control over your live tracker, trips, driving behaviour data and reports.

Driver behaviour monitoring

With vehicle tracking technology, you can check in on how your drivers are behaving while behind the wheel. Any issues are highlighted for you to address, to ensure your fleet is navigating the roads safely and also efficiently when it comes to fuel.

Mileage Tracking

For tax purposes, you can monitor and ​claim for the mileage​ your drivers have built up when out on the road. Our unique ABAX mileage tracking integration automatically calculates your mileage rates automatically, saving you time and all records are archived for up to seven years.

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