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Create and manage custom forms for jobs requiring assessments, audit reports, maintenance records, inspections, surveys or just about any process you can imagine. Capture on-site images, store reports and documents and collect customer signatures. No programming or coding required.

Build & Customise Your Own Forms | Servu

Build & Customise Your Own Forms

Servu's unique drag and drop form builder allows your to create and publish your own electronic forms to collect relevant data, images and signatures. 

Whether it's a Site Checklist, Risk Assessment or a form that caters to a niche business process, we have the tools capable of delivering a data input sheet that's tailored to you. Once built, your workforce can collect all relevant data in the field return it to the back-office immediately for you to review. Completed forms can also be edited by a member of staff in the back office once received from an engineer.

Signature Capture

We've designed our forms to be easy to use in the field. For your field team workers using mobile devices, forms can be completed quickly and efficiently. Components such as text fields, image and signature capture, dropdown lists, tabs, yes / no toggles and much more enables the capture of data in the field much more efficient.

Signature Capture | Servu
Ensure Job Compliance | Servu

Ensure Job Compliance

Automatically assign forms to specific job categories to ensure compliance. 

With Servu, you can ensure forms are filled in before the engineer can continue the job. It would be impossible to enforce this in a paper-based system, however, with Servu you can guarantee that every job you raise can have a completed form of your specification. 

All forms completed on Servu are automatically attached to the relevant jobs so that the back office can check them, and if required, email them to clients as an easy-to-read PDF.

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