Drag & Drop Job Scheduler

Schedule or reassign jobs to your field engineers quickly and easily. It's as simple as point, click and drag.

Streamline Your Activity Scheduling | Servu

Streamline Your Activity Scheduling

Servu makes job scheduling easier than ever. Simply choose a customer, log a job and assign it to an engineer in a matter of clicks. Dispatch work more quickly and improve productivity. Servu's unique Drag & Drop Job Scheduler lets you:

  • Schedule jobs as either one-off visits or as recurring contracts
  • Organise multiple visits for multiple clients simultaneously
  • Assign multiple engineers against one job
  • Categorise your calendar with service categories and colour coded statusses

Get a bird's-eye view (Live GPS Tracker)

Servu's cloud-based job scheduler also allows you to monitor your team with live location tracking. Each field engineer is displayed on a map in real-time to show their current location. 

This makes it easy to search for the closest engineer to a job and is ideal for dispatching field staff to urgent reactive calls. It's also useful for identifying delays to jobs where engineers are stuck in traffic. 

Get a bird's-eye view (Live GPS Tracker) | Servu
Single User Scheduler | Servu

Single User Scheduler

Flying solo? We have the perfect solution! 

Our scalable and unique drag & drop scheduler works perfect as a personal diary for managing your day-to-day bookings!

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