Accounts Integration

Linking your Field Management Software to your Accounts System

Field Service companies typically already have an accounts software system in place. We're not here to replace your accounts software, rather integrate with it. Without a link in place there’s always a problem with duplication of information.

In a manual system the same information gets entered onto quotes, job sheets and invoices. Sometimes the invoices are created outside of the actual accounts software and then re-entered into the sales ledger for credit control. This creates an unnecessary burden of data entry that can easily be eliminated with our accounting software integration.

Update Payment Statusses | Servu

Update Payment Statusses

Servu's integration with accounts software allows you to import invoice and credit transactions effortlessly. Through the use of Servu's integrations, accounting information no longer needs to be manually input and ensures any potential miscalculations are eliminated. Simply input all transactions, and export to your accounting software in a few simple steps. Servu has links to the most popular accounts software including Sage, Xero, QuickBooks, KashFlow and FreeAgent.

Invoicing in Servu

Servu is the ideal system to use for creating your sales invoices. This is because it already has all of the job and costing information that you can use to quickly calculate your invoice value. 

However, you still need your accounts software for credit control and management accounting reports. Servu will take your sales invoices and credits and export them to your accounts software so you don't need to key them in manually. In a busy maintenance environment, integrating with your accounting software will save hours of data entry per week.

Invoicing in Servu | Servu
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