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Quote and invoice quicker and get paid easier. Eliminate double entry by using Servu to quote and convert into a ready-to-deliver invoice format. Servu's invoicing software reminds you to create and send invoices, and tracks invoices sent, paid, and past due. Collect payments quicker through our unique Stripe integration.

Ready-Made Templates | Servu

Ready-Made Templates

With Servu, you can go above and beyond expectations by using our professionally branded ready-made invoice templates to send to your customers. 

Our custom template builder is a great addition to your field service arsenal. It allows you to detail all essential job costing information - including line items, total cost, due date and payment options – and keep your recognised branding and messaging at the very forefront. In a matter of minutes, you’ll have an invoice template that is professional, detailed and consistent. Perfect for customer retention.

Recurring Invoices

Servu allows you to use recurring invoices to create a regular financial record independent of any jobs in the Servu database.

This is useful if you provide a regular billable service to clients over a period of time, such as security monitoring, or if the frequency of planned maintenance doesn't coincide with the frequency of invoicing.

Recurring Invoices | Servu
Invoice Reminders | Servu

Invoice Reminders

Servu marks jobs with a ‘requires invoicing’ status, so you can see exactly which jobs need to be invoiced.

You set a reminder schedule, choosing from options including ‘after each visit,’ ‘once a contract is complete,’ and ‘on the last day of the month,’ or set a custom schedule, and Servu helps to ensure that invoice opportunities don’t slip through the cracks.

Servu also allows you to send reminders to customers for overdue invoices, so you can save time chasing pending invoices!

Payment Tracking & Collection

With our unique Stripe and SumUp integrations, Servu allows you to request payment direct from your customer's Portal.

Payment Tracking & Collection | Servu
Accounts Integration | Servu

Accounts Integration

Field Service companies typically already have an accounts software system in place. We're not here to replace your accounts software, rather integrate with it.

Servu is the ideal system to use for creating your sales invoices, because it already has all of the job and costing information that you can use to quickly calculate your invoice value. Integrate with your existing accounting package such as Sage, Xero, Quickbooks to remove the unnecessary burden of duplicate data entry.

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