Asset Management

Easily manage and maintain any asset type for your customer. Servu's extensive cloud capabilities allow for asset surveying, asset registering and maintaining of assets on a pre-planned servicing schedule at multiple customer locations.

Customer Asset Registers Created With Ease.

Servu allows for a client asset register to be created with accuracy and ease. A customer’s asset register can be easily imported or a field team member can perform an onsite survey capturing the relevant customer asset data on the Servu mobile app. Either way we ensure you can capture and store the correct asset data for your client with accuracy and speed.

Asset serial numbers, manufacturers, product codes, equipment details, warranty dates, servicing prices, photos, documents, as well as a range of other useful details can be stored against an asset and all of which are customisable for your needs.

Never Miss A Customer’s Asset Service.

Servu's range of automated customer asset service reminders can be sent out according to a frequency you desire ensuring your customers are notified when their assets are due servicing in accordance to the preventative maintenance schedule.

Get Instant Visibility of Your Pre Planned Maintenance Schedules.

Through our intuitive PPM Scheduler, you can create planned maintenance schedules for each asset quickly.  Schedules can be set for any frequency, be it daily, weekly, monthly, annually and Servu will let you know when those assets are due a service

We provide you with full visibility on a range of grids that show asset services Due Today, Due This Week, Due This Month or a specific date range  ensuring you can plan and schedule your customer’s asset services easily.

Asset Photos, Documents & History At Your Fingertips.

Photos captured for an asset by your field team worker using Servu will be added to the asset register automatically. Upload and store documents such as floor plans or manuals against an asset. These are then available to your field team when viewing an Asset on the Servu mobile app therefore ensuring they have everything at their fingertips. 

Our Asset History, provides a detailed audit log documenting any changes made to a Client Asset during its lifetime. You can filter and search the audit log and can export to Excel for reporting requirements therefore keeping your customer informed.

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