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Remove manual handling and capture your online enquiries directly into Servu. Fully customisable, integrated and effective data capture.

Seamlessly connect your website to Servu to capture all your enquiries where nothing falls through the cracks

One of the most vital aspects of capturing and responding to customer enquiries is making sure these are captured into a central database that your Sales Team can access, whether in the office or out in the field.

Not only does this ensure we have a central repository for enquiries, but it also ensures that we can measure certain KPIs such as ‘Time to Respond’ or ‘Time to Convert to a Job’ as examples.

Track Activities

Easily track your Emails, Calls, Meeting Notes, and actionable tasks. Have a number of documents that need to be stored? Simply drag-and-drop these to upload safely and securely.

Key Benefits

  • Centrally capture enquiries for universal access across your team - both in the office and on the road.
  • Provides the ability to not only respond to the enquiry, but log related details like Calls, Notes, Tasks, Documents and more.
  • Enables your business to report on metrics such as ‘Time to Respond’ and ‘Time to Convert’  allowing you to improve your efficiency in converting and dealing with enquiries.

Easy Setup

Servu's intuitive drag and drop custom form builder means you can get a new enquiry form setup in seconds! Either use the form as a landing page to share with your customers, use our embeddable IFrame on your website or use our REST API. We offer full customisation of the form layout and colours, meaning you can fit it in with your existing branding.

Over 2,000 Integrations!

We've partner with the integrations expert, Zapier to bring you over 2,000 integrations with apps you already use! Want a Slack notification when a new enquiry comes in? Want to automatically email your lead and thank them for enquiring? We've got you covered.

Servu also intelligently auto-suggests possible matches to client data already in your system

A lot of the time our websites often are the gateway with which new employees at our customers, old enquiries and even existing customers may choose to contact us. The question is: How do we know whether they have contacted us before? We don’t want to always have to do a manual search in the system to check whether they might be a client, or whether their enquiry relates to an open Job or Issue. We need a system in place that does this auto-matching for us intelligently.

Servu's AI system will auto-match based on name, email and telephone number, and flag an enquiry as a potential match to an existing Customer.

Key Benefits

  • Improves Quality of Data through automatic de-duplication checking
  • Provides insight to your Sales Rep into what the enquiry might relate to
  • Provides a mechanism to automatically link the enquiry to an Open Job, Open Quote, Open Case or alternatively, disqualify the Enquiry if need be.
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