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Quote and invoice quicker and get paid easier. Eliminate double entry by using Servu to quote and convert into a ready-to-deliver invoice format. Servu's invoicing software reminds you to create and send invoices, and tracks invoices sent, paid, and past due.

Collect payments quicker through our unique Stripe integration.

With Servu's quote management software, create, send, and track professional quotes all from one place with ultimate ease.

Customise Servu quotes with your company branding, and easily include important details such as discounts, required deposits, and contract terms.

If a client requests an updated quote while you’re out in the field, no problem. You can edit, create, and send quotes all from Servu.

Professional Quote & Invoice Template

Set up default templates and a service catalogue for descriptions, unit costs and line item details, eliminating double entry and speed up the process of creating quotes or invoices. You have complete control of what is on the quote or invoice including design, your company branding and messaging. Include all relevant fields such as deposits, line items, costs, total, taxes, due date and payment options, as well as including your company’s logo and contact details.

Quote Approvals

Your clients can approve and request changes to quotes in their Customer Portal.

In your Servu account you can see the status of all your quotes, and have a solid understanding of what steps your clients have taken towards booking your services.

Signature Collection

If your business requires signatures to move forward with work, you can collect a signature when a client clicks ‘Approve’ on a quote.

Payment Tracking & Collection

Servu reminds you to send invoices for completed work and you’ll always know which invoices have been paid.

It’s easy to see how many invoices are awaiting payment and how many are past due, along with the total amount the invoices are worth.

With our unique Stripe integration, you can request payment direct from their Customer Portal!

Invoice Reminders

Servu marks jobs with a ‘requires invoicing’ status, so you can see exactly which jobs need to be invoiced.

You set a reminder schedule, choosing from options including ‘after each visit,’ ‘once a contract is complete,’ and ‘on the last day of the month,’ or set a custom schedule, and Servu helps to ensure that invoice opportunities don’t slip through the cracks.

Servu also allows you to send reminders for overdue invoices, so you can save time chasing pending invoices!

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