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Customer Manager (CRM)

When you receive a scheduled or unscheduled job, Servu gives you the immediate ability to view the customer details that are associated, such as contact name telephone number and notes, right at your fingertips.

Everything you need, at your fingertips.

With the customer details view, you can view everything stored about a customer in one place. New and historic jobs, assets, communications, quotes, invoices and more are visible here! 

You can update existing assets or create any new assets for the viewed customer and upload directly from any device, anywhere. Meaning asset register data is always up to date for your customers.

Notes & Attachments

Attach photos and files to a client’s account, and collect signatures directly from Servu.

Whether you’re attaching photos of completed work or a job contract, you’ll always have access to a client’s complete and detailed history, in the office and out in the field.

You can also add notes and attachments to individual jobs you complete for a client.

Automated Communications

Keeping a paper trail can be hard sometimes! Let Servu look after emailing and texting your customers. We'll notifiy them when you raise a new job, when asset maintenance is upcoming, when you're on the way, when they have received a new quote or invoice. This is all completely customisable in your Servu account.

We'll keep a full log of all notifications sent to your customers, and even offer the option to resend the email to another email address.

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